Z-HAYDU Manufacturing Corporation of Hollywood Florida is now under new ownership.
Medical Device Design and Development (MD3) LLC

Please update our contact information so that we can continue to serve you and provide new capabilities as we revitalize the business.
10306 USA Today Way
Miramar, Florida 33025
Phone: 954 925 1779
Website:  http://md3-llc.com

Here’s a quick introduction to MD3-LLC (Medical Device Design and Development (MD3) LLC) and HAYDU an MD3 company LLC.

MD3-LLC - Engineering Consulting and Program management

For more than 24 years the global scientific community has turned to MD3 LLC for solutions and we’ve delivered with quality and innovation. MD3 LLC provides engineering consulting services and program leadership to enable experiments with new ideas in medical devices. MD3 LLC is at
the heart of discovery working with medical device developers, life science researchers, scientists and technicians around the world to deliver solutions that streamline processes, integrate workflows and improve outcomes in the pursuit of scientific discovery and commercialized medical devices. We provide engineering support for research that must be carried on. We enable innovative programs and development. We provide unique capabilities, equipment, facilities and assist with new products launches. Working together with our clients and putting our client’s customers first every day, we make a meaningful difference in people's lives


HAYDU an MD3 company LLC - Manufacturing & Operations

Since 1975 HAYDU has evolved into an Award Winning MRP Supplier to the medical community. HAYDU an MD3 company LLC is a specialized manufacturer for medical device companies. We maintain a number of critical customers and are single sourced for many components. The instruments, parts and assemblies we produce are very high precision, requiring highly skilled operators to manufacture. HAYDU an MD3 company LLC is a specialized instrument and manufacturing supplier.

HAYDU an MD3 company LLC offers numerous services and tools specializing in medical devices and Aerospace.

• In-House custom tooling and fixturing
• Vertical Milling Centers
• Turning Centers
• Surface Grinding
• Laser cutting
• Laser Engraving and Etching
• Polishing and Deburring
• Sand Blasting
• Scotchbrite, Burnishing and Tumbling
• Supplier Managed Inventory
• Dock to Stock Materials
• Certificates of Conformance
• Final Packaging

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